Beyoğlu Meeting Room

Meetings are one of the most important organizational activities for companies, but there are many things to consider in order to have an efficient meeting. The first of these is that the meeting room should not be small compared to the number of participants. Let’s say it’s an annual company meeting, and there will be thirty people at that meeting. Being in a small meeting room with that many people in a meeting that would last for hours would reduce the efficiency of your meeting.

The second point to be considered is to ensure the coordination of the meeting. After ensuring the suitability of the area, informing the individuals who will attend the meeting about the meeting items is one of the issues that makes the meeting productive.


The availability of the necessary infrastructure and materials in the meeting room is another important issue for the efficiency of the meeting. Fast and uninterrupted internet, a generator in the area in case of a power cut, a projection for your presentations, a whiteboard for instant notes and strategy drawings, and pens and papers that must be on the table in every meeting. All these tools in the meeting room prevent your meeting from being interrupted and increase efficiency.

Hot and cold drinks must be available during the meeting. At the same time, emptying the table every hour so that glasses do not accumulate on the meeting table will also increase the efficiency of your meeting. In this way, you can continue your meeting without drying your mouth or being disturbed by clutter while talking.

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Another important issue for a productive meeting is whether the furniture in the meeting room is ergonomic or not. The discomfort of a chair where you will sit for hours will be a factor that negatively affects the meeting. At the same time, the layout and architecture of the meeting room are also important for the efficiency of the meeting.

All you need to do to meet all these needs and ensure that your meeting is productive is to choose Archerson Galata for your meetings. With its unique view of Beyoğlu and its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Beyoğlu meeting room is just a click away!